April 23, 2010

Web-site updated

Roger Griffin's web-site updated.

Immediate research projects

At present Roger Griffin is

* commissioning volumes for the new Palgrave series 'Modernism and',
* preparing to write his own volume in the series, Modernism and Terrorism,
* co-editing the political religion section of the online journal Religion Compass,
* awaiting the outcome of the bid (July 2010) for a 4-year project for the EU on threats to democracy in Europe (he would coordinate the establishment of the conceptual framework for investigating populism and totalitarianism),
* planning the Cantemir Institute at Brookes,
* seeing through to fruition numerous publications commitments.

In the next five years he hopes to obtain the funding for a major monograph project on the modern concept of 'blood' in the mythic discourses of utopian projects as the intersection of science and myth (e.g. in the notion of sacrifice to the nation, race, or socialist future). Read more...

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